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20 oz.

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Diet Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper, Lemonade, Fresh Brewed Sweet & Unsweetened Tea - $2.00

Flavors.................................................... add 0.60 Raspberry, Strawberry, Peach

20oz. Bottles - to go



Taco salad.jpg

Dressings: Golden Italian, Honey French, Homemade Ranch 

Chef Salad

Lettuce Mix, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Boiled Egg, Cucumber, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, choice of Ham or Turkey Served With Choice Of Dressing - $8.00

Grilled Chicken Salad

Lettuce Mix, Tomatoes, Red Onion, Cheddar cheese, Grilled chicken - option of dipped in buffalo sauce, Choice Of Dressing - $8.00

Taco Salad

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Seasoned Ground Beef, Sour Cream, and Salsa,

served in a crispy shell - $8.50

Mexican Potato Salad

Baked Potato with Ranch topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Seasoned Ground Beef, Sour Cream and Salsa - $8.50



Chicken Bacon Ranch Wedgie

Grilled Marinated Chicken, Broccoli, Onion, Bacon, Mozzarella Mix Cheese, Served with Ranch on the side - $8.50

Stuffed Meat Wedgie

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Ground Beef, Mozzarella Mix Cheese, Served with side of pizza sauce - $8.50

Italian Wedgie

Pepperoni, Mix Cheese and Served with a side of pizza sauce - $8.50

Pepperoni Wedgie

Pepperoni, Mix Cheese and Served with a side of pizza sauce - $7.50



Side Salad

Fresh lettuce mix, tomato, cucumber, and mozzarella cheese. - $3.50

Fresh Cut French Fries


Fresh Cut Chips

Salted or Garlic Parmesan - $3.00

Cottage Cheese



Add a side for $2.50


Pizza Sub

Pepperoni, Ham, Italian Sausage, Pizza Sauce, Provolone Cheese  - $8.00

Chicken Bacon Ranch Sub

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast, Provolone Cheese, Ranch, Bacon, Red Onion, and Lettuce - $8.00

Big Barge Sub

SIGNATURE DISH! Pepperoni, Ham, Italian Sausage, Ground Beef, Pizza Sauce, Provolone Cheese, Mushrooms, Red Onion, Banana Peppers, Green Olives - $8.50

Italian Sub

Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers Topped with Italian Dressing - $8.50

Club Sub

Ham or Turkey, Bacon, Provolone Cheese, Lettuce and Tomato with a side of Mayo - $8.50



WINGS: 6 for $6, 12 for $12, and 25 for $23

Wing Sauces: Mild, Hot, Honey BBQ, Southern Gold BBQ,

and Garlic Parmesan

Boneless Wings

Served with celery and ranch dressing.



Fried Mozzarella Sticks

SIGNATURE DISH! Fried Golden and served with Pizza Sauce - $6.00

Fresh Cut Chips

Single - $3 Shareable - $5

Your choice of: Salted or Garlic Parmesan

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Served with Pizza Sauce - $6.00

Sandwich Combos and Baskets

Fishtail Sandwich


Crispy, deep-fried cod on a toasted bun. Served with a side of tartar sauce and your choice of one side - $8.50

Chicken Strip Basket

Breaded tenderloin, deep-fried and your choice of dipping sauce with a side of our fresh cut fries - $8.50

Wing Basket

6 boneless wings tossed in your choice of sauce with choice of our fresh cut chips or fresh cut fries - $8.50

Wangus Burgers

Second burger.jpg
Make it a double for only $3.00 more!

Pizza Burger

Topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, provolone cheese and

one side item $10.00

Mushroom Jack Burger

Smothered in grilled mushrooms, pepper jack cheese and

one side item $10.00

Smokehouse Burger

Pile of bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and one side item $10.00

Barnyard Burger

Fried egg, bacon, American cheese, mayo and one side item $10.00

Classic Burger

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, cheese, mayo and

one side item $10.00/$9.00


We start with delicious hand rolled pizza dough.
We then cover it with our signature sauce, and top it with real mozzarella and provolone cheeses.

Toppings: Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ground beef, Bacon, Ham, Onion, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapenos, Green Olives, Black Olives, Pineapple, Spinach. Extra items 10" - $1.00 Extra items 16" - $1.50 Extra Cheese 10" - $1.50 Extra Cheese 16" - $2.75

10" - 1 item - $8.00,  10" - 2 item - $9.00, 10" - 3 item - $10.00,  10" - 4 item - $11.00


16" - 1 item - $14.00, 16" - 2 item - $15.50,  16" - 3 item -$17.00,  16" - 4 item -  $18.50

Specialty Pizzas


Meat Pizza

Pepperoni, Bacon, Ham, Italian Sausage, Ground Beef

10" - $13.00 & 16" - $18.00

Taco Pizza

Seasoned Ground Beef, Spicy Red Sauce, Lettuce, Tomatoes, onions, Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese, Served with Sour Cream and Salsa on the side

10" - $13.00 & 16" - $18.00

Big Dam Pizza

Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Onion, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Mushroom, Black Olives

10" - $13.00 & 16" - $18.00

Veggie Pizza

Green Pepper, Banana Peppers, Green Olives, Black Olives, Onion, and Mushrooms

10" - $13.00 & 16" - $18.00



New York Style Cheesecake

Your choice of one topping: Cherry, Turtle, Caramel, Chocolate or seasonal. Ask your server for fresh selection.


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